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Meet Kathryn…

Kathryn Kelly is the founder of Becoming Essential, an organizing and lifestyle company focused on helping you create free space in your home and in your life.

As Southwest Missouri’s only certified KonMari™ Consultant, Kathryn serves clients in various life stages - including busy families, empty nesters, and those about to sell their homes.  Following the KonMari Method™ of creating a joy-filled home, Kathryn guides her clients on a one-time tidying journey that results in a decluttered home and life.  

Having a deep appreciation for interiors, order, and the connection our homes have with our minds and bodies, organizing and optimizing spaces has always come naturally for Kathryn.  She is able to draw from her decade-long corporate career experience to equip clients with effective systems that increase efficiency and reduce workload in the home.  

Kathryn grew up with Midwestern values of hard work, preparation, and follow-through, and brings those into her client relationships.  She graduated from Missouri State and spent 13 years in Kansas City before packing up her own belongings and returning with her family to Springfield in early 2019.

A mother of two boys under five, Kathryn dedicates her life to their education, growth, and development while modeling entrepreneurship.  She has been married to her husband Steve for over 10 years and they are grateful to be back in the Springfield community, where they met as students in college. 

Through the KonMari Method™ , Kathryn fosters her passion for serving others.  She is honored and grateful to bring this internationally-renowned philosophy to our community and to continue spreading the message of sparking joy wherever she goes.  

To connect with Kathryn, follow her on Instagram @lifestyle_becomingessential