Introductory Consultation

The first step in your journey to Becoming Essential begins with a complimentary, confidential, judgement-free consultation. This is an opportunity to get to know one another, outline the process, and discuss the changes you’d like to see in your home.

Duration: 30 minutes

Note: No prior knowledge of or experience with The KonMari™ Method required - I will be your guide!


Tidying Lessons

The second step in your Becoming Essential Journey is to schedule your first Tidying Lesson.

We are living at a time when it’s never been so easy to acquire so much so quickly. Investment in change - rather than more stuff - results in lasting transformation. Tidying Lessons provide you a certified true KonMari experience customized to your unique situation, approach, and home environment. The knowledge you gain through our work together leads to lasting change and will be with you in every life transition to come.

Duration: KonMari™ Tidying Lessons are scheduled in 3-5 hour appointment blocks.

Pricing: 3-hour session: $225 4-hour session: $300 5-hour session: $375

Special package pricing available with the investment in multiple tidying lessons. Information available upon request.



Not located in Springfield, MO? Already tidy, KonMari™ savvy, and could benefit from remote support? Would you like to trouble-shoot the KonMari™ fold on a tricky article of clothing or linen (think: baby clothes and fitted sheets!)?

A Virtual Appointment is your perfect fit!

In each unique lesson, we will utilize the KonMari™Method to address your highest priority needs + concerns in your home.

Duration: 1 hour minimum; 3 hour maximum

Pricing: $65/hour

“The result was absolutely what I wanted it to be. When I walk into my room I can feel like myself. I know that my room is my room and it was personalized to every corner. I can see myself everywhere in my room. It feels like a space where my personality thrives and I can work so easily.”

-Client, age 13